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Private Investigation

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Private Investigation is one of the oldest professions in the world, and still one of the most intriguing, yet misunderstood.

The job of a private investigator is to act as a professional witness to their clients. To lawfully gather evidence, whether it is in the form of video, a statement backed by an affidavit, a formal report or whatever is needed to support the client in civil disputes, legal cases or simply for peace of mind.

We live in a troubled world of violence, fraud, lying, cheating, and dishonest people around us, and we have the right to live in a society where we are not in any physical, financial or mental health danger.

Our job is to protect the client and offer sound evidence supporting any issues they think are against their person in any way. This must be done legally, which CAN on some occasions unfortunately be costly because we do not have the powers of the police, so we have to use other pathways under the law that allow us to act in your interest. This can take time and resources, but unlike some companies, at Bentley Investigators, we keep this as minimal as possible.

Please beware of companies that may have the potential to use illegal ways to obtain information, and what we call blagging as a way to gain what is classed as here say information. Not only will the agent be in question, but you as an individual will also be under the current GDPR regulations.  Please use Bentley Associates as a way to help with any disputes or public or private issues. WE CAN HELP!

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