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Paranormal Investigations

We are here to put peoples minds at ease. Whether this is a matrimonial surveillance enquiry or a need to find out strange noises, smells, or strange happenings within a property. We have the best team for every job.

Many things in this world are unexplained. Most have possible explanations with a simple explanation after thorough investigation and some can not.

If you are experiencing any strange happenings, then please call us. We can deploy a team to your property and setup equipment and observe if anything is going on. Please note we do not use the likes of equipment you see on the TV. No equipment has been successfully certified in this field.

We will endeavour to remove anomalous activity by identifying causes through rational methods


We do:

• Use scientific methodology to investigate anomalous phenomena 

• Have a dedicated team of investigators who discretely investigate paranormal cases

• Conduct research and may use investigations as a means of trying to find out what causes these events

• Investigate and observe a strict code of ethics and client confidentiality

We don't:

• Use mediums, undertake exorcisms or seances nor do we use the sort of equipment seen on many TV shows as we believe there is no scientific evidence that things like general purpose EMF (electromagnetic field) meters can detect paranormal or anomalous activity. However, we may use specialist equipment to detect natural causes

• Arrange ghost hunting events

• Belong to any faith or religious groups




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