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Employer Search Services


Successful employers’ searches will uncover a lot of useful information, which can be used to serve court documents and help recover money owed to you by:

  • Checking whether a subject is unemployed or self-employed

  • Finding out whether a subject is claiming State Benefits

  • Confirming if a subject is a company Director

  • Securing the information required to enforce an Attachment of Earnings Order

Discover key information with our Employer Search service, designed to help you serve court documents and recover money owed to you. Our search will uncover a range of useful information such as whether the subject is unemployed or self-employed, claiming state benefits, or serving as a company director. We can also secure the necessary information to enforce an Attachment of Earnings Order.

Our experienced investigators conduct discreet enquiries via telephone, professional internet databases and locally, ensuring all works comply with the provisions of the Data Protection Act and all UK legislation. We offer employment tracing services that are normally completed within 28 days, and if your enquiry is urgent, we provide a fast-track seven-day service on a no trace-no fee basis.

To start an employment tracing enquiry, all we need is the subject's full name and current residential address. However, providing additional information can increase the chances of successful debt recovery. Don't worry if you lack the minimum information - we can make enquiries on your behalf as an additional service.

At Bentley Associates, we offer compliant debt recovery and investigation services, ensuring that our clients receive the highest level of professionalism and confidentiality. If you require more information about our Employer Search service or business debt recovery, please get in touch with us today.

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