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Costs and what to expect

Giving an individual or a company an exact price for an investigation is very difficult. It depends on case complexities.  A company giving an exact price is at best, simply a guess based on other similar cases. No two enquiries are ever the same!

For Example:

A missing person who has gone off grid, not registered anywhere is far more difficult to find than someone who has simply moved property. The same goes for general surveillance, and all other investigations we undertake, the exacting specifics need to be looked at.

However, as a guide for your reference, our Hourly Rate is 35.00 per hour and 40p per mile we endure on the instruction only plus any legitimate agreed expenses. We strongly believe is very competitive for the level of service you receive.

Foundation Investigation

We highly recommend our foundation Investigation service of a total 500.00 for several reasons.


1. You can see how we as a company work with you and the service you receive.

2. We can ascertain a report and discuss when we have an in-depth, knowledge of the case, and a clear and informed next stage costing, so that you can make an informed choice to either continue, cease, or take another route.

We can advise.

3. Most enquiries are resolved in this part of the investigation. It is our duty and ethos that we resolve your enquiry as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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