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Asset Track and Trace


Stolen Assets need to be back in the hands of the owner in the quickest possible time and we look to tag and monitor valuable assets for quick retrieval. One of the most common assets is vehicles, but we do a wide range of items from plant machinery to art.

We are good at locating your car, but more importantly, we are great at getting your car back to you. auto-track is a complete service that works.


We have developed a bespoke covert solution that is fully Thatcham approved and can be fitted to most vehicles, its design and aesthetics are closely guarded secrets. Only we know where it's fitted.

Our intelligent technology is smart enough to contact us if a thief is trying to locate it and clever enough to know when not to make contact if this may compromise the security of the vehicle, waiting instead for the safest opportunity to alert the team.

The technology has received Thatcham Category S7 approval which can be quoted for insurance purposes.

The Clever Part

Secured by Design Logo_LARGE.jpg

Tracker device ‘Police Preferred Specification’ status under the Secured By Design accreditation scheme on behalf of the UK Police for products or services that have met recognised security standards.

Secured By Design

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